Vancouver Island Best Map, Best Places

This map is your guide to the best places to go and see on the Island- Islander’s favourite places!  Each Placemark, when clicked, brings up a photo, a short description of what you’ll see there, and clickable links to more photos, videos, and info. These are Islander’s favourite places, and more and more places will be added as more people share new favourite places.  ANDROID Users: DON’T use ‘click for larger map’ below map- just ‘pinch’ expand map to use-

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Map Legend:
Each ‘best place’ is colour coded by it’s level of difficulty and fitness required to explore:
Easy-  Groomed walking surfaces (gravel/pavement) primarily and minimal hills.

Easy – Walkng surfaces may be ungroomed trails, or include some up and down- stairways possible.

Medium – some level of fitness required.  Uneven ground, ups and downs and/or longer distances.

More difficult – good fitness levels required. Rough trails, or walking on natural rock outcrops, slippery sections, lots of up and down.

Most difficult – Very good fitness levels required. Possible long steep hills, long staircases, rock scrambling, rough trails, slippery slopes!


Got a Vancouver Island favourite place you want to share?  We’d like to help!  If you’re a Facebook person, please share your photos/videos/posts on Living Forest Oceanside Campground & RV’s Facebook page where they’re welcome (I’ll see it!), or you can email me .  Life’s too short to waste – visit the Island’s best places!  Save this maplink and please share with others who might be visiting the Island or are Islanders and might want to share their own ‘best places’.

Happy trails!  – Scott of the Forest

This is a guide only! There are potential hazards everywhere you go and you must decide for yourself if a place is right for your fitness level to explore. These designations are strictly meant to help you decide if you want to visit a place. You are naturally responsible for your own safety and to know your own limitations when traveling. I make no representations to the accuracy of these designations, they are the subjective opinions of the people posting.  Now that the ‘I’m not responsible for your safety’ part is out of the way- happy exploring of this magnificent and wild Vancouver Island and it’s Best Places!



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